Wedding Gifts

Funds are granted as wedding gifts to financially incompetent daughters of seafarers who had been active for at least five (5) years.

Eligibility requirements for wedding gifts
The applicants should be:

  • Less than 30 years of age at the time of their wedding
  • Greek orthodox citizens
  • Healthy, both physically and mentally
  • Financially incompetent
  • Eligible on condition their wedding had taken place prior to the draw held by the Board of Directors

Submission of required documents

The eligible applicants must fill in their application online and submit it to the Foundation until… January of each year, making sure they have also attached and mailed by post the following documents:

  • The bride’s birth certificate
  • The bride’s family status certificate
  • A marriage certificate
  • A certificate from NAT (the Greek Marine Veteran Fund) verifying the bride’s father’s service at sea
  • Income tax return statements and inheritance tax statements of the family or the applicant herself, on condition she is employed while retaining a certificate of financial incompetence or a relevant statement issued by the competent body

Until today, the Foundation has granted over 3,000 wedding gifts.