The Foundation

The idea of creating the Ioannis D. Pateras Foundation was conceived and then slowly shaped into a reality by the great national benefactor and Merchant Marine captain Ioannis D. Pateras from 1970 onwards. Pateras was endowed with magnanimous feelings of philanthropy and generosity towards his fellow human beings, so that continuous contribution and help to society be assured.

Since 1970, the Foundation has been the means through which national benefactor Ioannis D. Pateras and the members of the Diamantis and Kalliopi Pateras family have managed to provide for and support vulnerable social groups, shipping, education and, above all, their homeland.

More specifically, the Foundation:

  • Upholds the family institution by offering wedding gifts to orphaned daughters of Merchant Marine seafarers from all around Greece
  • Awards scholarships both to high-school graduates in the Regional Unit of Chios who plan continue their studies at a Greek university and to postgraduates who wish to study abroad
  • Helps to improve education in the founder’s homeland, Oinousses, through the financial support it provides to the Model Boarding School as well as through prize money awarded to students of excellent conduct and performance in the Oinousses School Complex

The Foundation is a non-profit legal person based in Piraeus and is governed by private law and by the provisions of Act 4182/2013.